Software Application Development

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We have developed many systems that introduce standards, control, and efficiency into field operations. We understand the need for high performance and mission critical availability of these systems so that tasks can be completed, taking less time and fewer people. Time is money and we build systems to ensure your investment in tools and people is maximized. Information Systems can support revenue generation if they put people to work, and keep them that way.


Our experience with the complex and diverse transaction types that occur in business operations gives us the edge in mining and aggregating data to support management business decisions. Our database consultants have dealt with dozens of different data storage formats, and we have the talent in house to write middle ware and to distill meaningful information from the most extensive compilation of data. We have a deep, core knowledge of standard databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server – and vast experience dealing with disparate and proprietary formats used in process and information control systems.

Regulatory Compliance

From our 25 years’ experience we have come to understand the burden that government places on the industry. We have watched that burden gradually increase and have worked diligently with our customers to streamline data processing to fulfill regulatory reporting requirements, accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner while minimizing further financial impact on the client. We have developed reporting and management systems to support the following state and federal regulations:
  • IRS ExSTARS fuels excise reporting.
  • EPA vapor recovery and OTAQ diesel fuel reporting.
  • Senior citizen service providers reporting key data to the federal government under the NAPIS program and state level for the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.
  • Public corporation compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
  • Corporate reporting to the Texas Railroad Commissions and the State of Louisiana for fuel excise and transportation requirements.
  • Automating LOTO systems in compliance with OSHA CFR 29 1910.
We have relationships with multiple ExSTARS intermediary services.

Desktop and Web

Although we started when punch cards and CRTs were still in use, our evolution has matched the pace of technology. We have expanded our programming capabilities to deliver multi-platform solutions that leverage the diverse technologies available today. In the information systems industry we strive to address a common foundation from all user interface platforms - desktop, or web. A corporate network architecture that includes web-based, windows compatibility and WiFi capabilities gives users higher availability, increasing productivity. A web-based system allows users to gain access from anywhere. Web systems are also easier to update and manage from an IT perspective. There is no initial requirement for IT to install software on all systems and there are no labor intensive rollouts when a new version of software becomes available. Our compatibilities arm the man in the field with concise, real-time data to promote safety and accuracy.

Mobile Identity Solutions

As our society becomes more and more untethered from traditional information systems architecture, it is only natural that business embrace mobile connectivity and the varied solutions that this exciting new platform makes possible. We have chosen to utilize cutting-edge technology in our concentration on industrial business applications implementing identity auditing and data collection activities. We recognize that different situations require different technologies. With a foundation of WiFi connectivity, we deliver applications that employ both close proximity solutions – like barcodes – and more distance-oriented technologies like RFID. Combining these data acquisition technologies opens the world up for truly effective auditing and data collection applications that can provide real-time feedback to the user in the field. We design many mobile applications with network autonomy in mind, so systems continue to function with poor connectivity or even without WiFi available at all.

Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems hit the mainstream when Google Earth came online. At Application Factory, we specialize in delivering high-end private GIS that deliver sub-centimeter precision with the user friendliness of Google Earth. Our GIS implementations are powerful, database-driven systems with a web interface making them available anywhere in the world for remote or field personnel to access.