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DangerTags provides a facility-wide LOTO solution by employing enterprise level technology, state-of-the-art materials and processes, and a global security interface across all platforms to ease regulatory burdens facing any industry today.

Custom Tags

DangerTags are created to match your corporate standards because we recognize it is much easier for us to change our tags than for a huge corporation to change its safety documentation. 


DangerTags quickly prints detailed information on each tag in sequential order, thereby streamlining the LOTO process by eliminating handwritten mistakes and improving efficiency.

Knowledge Base

DangerTags stores your isolation procedures on site, allowing for retention and easy access of knowledge to be transferred to new employees.

Ease of Use

DangerTags provides a high level of management while maintaining its simplicity. Filter through thousands of isolation points to arrive at a small subset which can be easily added, edited, and printed.

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Our tags are absolutely waterproof, UV resistant, heat resistant, impossible to tear and made with a 3/8 hole accommodating lock hasps or large cable ties. They do not require a grommet, which not only saves money, but eliminates a foreign object in the field. Equipment information is baked onto our tags with a thermal transfer process using our MIL-SPEC grade ribbons that will outperform other ribbons in extreme environments.

Data Importation

Easily import or export data via Excel spreadsheets. You have full control of database descriptive terminology and all content is created upon import of your spreadsheet.

Associated Documents

DangerTags allows you to quickly access SOP’s, P&ID’s, photos, MSDS’s, and other documents from your corporate network within a single click.

Mobile Option

DangerTags Mobile Option allows you to download the isolation set to a Class I Div II intrinsically safe device and go into the field to scan tags for LOTO verification. Once all points are scanned, upload the verification to document the isolation.

OSHA 1910.147

DangerTags is a one-stop shop for OSHA LOTO compliance where all daily and annual OSHA LOTO compliance concerns are managed effectively and efficiently. Our software protects your standards by controlling access of three user groups.

This separation of powers, used to its fullest extent, helps fulfill all of the requirements of the CFR 29 Section 1910.147 by putting in place an energy control program that enforces your corporate standards, documents processes, prints OSHA compliant tags and automatically generates reports for periodic annual review.

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Application Factory, Inc. is providing the world’s first customizable software solution to automate lockout tagout processes in the petrochemical industry.

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