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    • Highly Available Server Hosting
    • World Class Cloud Architecture
    • Hosting Packages Bundled with Admin Services

Cloud 9 Business-Class Based Server Hosting

Despite the hype about this mysterious technology, Application Factory is delivering true Cloud-based server hosting. In our business-class offering, cloud technology is not a backup for grandmother's photos. Instead the "Cloud" is your server that now exists in an absolutely disaster proof environment where hardware failures no longer threaten the security and integrity of your data. This highly available server hosting system employs a world-class architecture that is housed in multiple data centers. Our primary data center is located in Austin, Texas and mirrored to our secondary data center in Kansas City, Missouri. To provide more comprehensive solutions we bundle administrative services like backups, anti -virus, resource monitoring and updates with our server packages. You specify the exact server you need and then pick and choose from the other associated services to best meet your needs.