The Application Factory

Database Programming for the Petrochemical Industry

  • Geographical Information Systems

    • Professional Mapping Systems
    • Database Integration
    • Web-based Applications
  • DangerTags Lockout/ Tagout Software

    • DangerTags provides the facility-wide solution by employing enterprise level technology, state-of-the-art materials and processes, and a global security interface across all platforms to ease regulatory burdens facing industry today.
  • Cloud-Based Server Hosting

    • Highly Available Server Hosting
    • World Class Cloud Architecture
    • Hosting Packages Bundled with Admin Services
  • Mobile Identiy Solutions

    • RFID
    • Barcode
    • Wi-Fi
  • Multi-Platform Services

    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Mobile
  • Information Systems

    • Operations
    • Management
    • Regulatory Compliance

The Application Factory

Application Factory, Inc. is a software development firm providing custom and packaged solutions to the petrochemical companies of the Fortune 500.